Does your business produce waste pressure vessels, deodorants, hairspray, spray paint or spray lubricants? The Regulation on Landfill Disposal prohibits their disposal as municipal waste.

You are responsible for the hazardous waste you produce and its risks for human safety, health and lives, their property and the environment. Why take the risk of storing commercial waste?

We treat industrial gases and recycle waste pressure vessels, export and incinerate deodorants, hairspray, spray paints, and spray lubricants.

Focus on your business, in the knowledge that we have disposed of your waste in an environmentally and legally responsible manner.

Manage your industrial or commercial waste in time.

Competitive Recycling of Pressure Vessels

We will handle your waste spray lubricants, spray paint, hairspray, deodorants or pressure vessels. 

This service covers:

  • Affordable treatment and recycling of pressure vessels
  • Handover and export for incineration of deodorants, hairspray, spray paint and spray lubricants
  • 100% responsibility taken,
  • Professionalism and experience in packaging, transport and treatment in accordance with safety principles
  • Full knowledge and compliance with legislation
  • Environmentally friendly handling of waste

Let us help you recycle your commercial waste.

How We Recycle Pressure Vessels

We provide affordable treatment and recycling services for industrial gas contained in old pressure vessels (larger than 40 litres), with export services for your commercial waste, including packaging, transport and incineration with all necessary permits. 

Upon arrival at your site we will repackage and label pressure vessels in UN-certified packaging. We export small vessels for direct incineration. Depending on the gas, we export large vessels for treatment. The vessels are emptied using special methods, the gas is incinerated, while the vessel is treated and becomes secondary raw material.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Recycle Pressure Vessels

To use our services, contact us with a waste testing report. If you do not possess such a report, we will include one in our offer for permanent disposal of hazardous waste.

  1. Waste Testing Report
    The Law on Waste Management requires all waste producers to possess a waste testing report. Waste testing reports contain information on the characteristics of the waste and the potential presence of hazardous substances.
    If you need to focus on your main business and do not possess a waste testing report, let us organize everything. We will contact certified laboratories, characterize your waste and propose the optimum solution for waste disposal based on the results.
  2. Contact us
    All you need to do is contact us with your waste testing report.
    We will make sure you receive all the required documentation on the movement of your waste. The waste you hand over to us will be disposed of in accordance with regulations and standards.
    We will provide a rapid response to your inquiry with a competitive offer.
    The person responsible for recycling pressure vessels is Nebojša Tomašević.

Hazards of Improper Treatment of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are a potential hazard even during their service life, and any improper handling, storage or transport can lead to accidents. They are transported under specially determined conditions. You can even find advice for handling such bottles in the media:

Many types of unusable pressure vessels and sprays also pose a high risk and constitute hazardous waste. Despite that, they can be found in nature in alarming quantities. Such vessels are subject to corrosion, explosion or release of harmful contents into the environment. They endanger human health and lives, plants, animals and property. To counter the improper and irresponsible disposal of pressure vessels, we provide professional treatment and recycling:

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