Do you own mercury or mercury compounds? These highly toxic substances are a threat to human health and life in general. Poisonous mercury compounds can be transmitted across vast distances by air. Once mercury enters the environment, it will find its way into the food chain.

Any mercury or mercury compounds you own are your responsibility.

The law is very strict regarding the treatment, storage, transport and disposal of mercury. Three conventions govern global mercury flows - the Rotterdam, Basel and Minamata Conventions. They aim to prevent any anthropogeneous emissions or release of mercury and mercury compounds into the environment.

Do not let your mercury endanger human health or the environment. React in a timely and responsible manner.

We have experience in the safe management of mercury, mercury compounds and sludge containing mercury. We provide permanent removal through export, treatment and disposal in salt mines.

The European Union sets strict controls for the export of mercury and its further treatment. The processing and recycling of waste containing mercury is minimized. Mercury is disposed of using the safest techniques for getting rid of this hazardous waste.

We apply the latest mercury disposal techniques, including conversion into inert salt. We apply the highest standards for safe mercury management without any impact on human health or the environment.

We will properly dispose of your hazardous waste in accordance with all regulations. We will secure all necessary permits and issue all relevant documentation.

Competitive Treatment and Disposal of Mercury and Mercury Compounds

We provide professional disposal of mercury, sludge contaminated by mercury and mercury compounds, in line with the highest safety standards and the latest techniques. The solution we provide for your hazardous waste containing mercury or mercury compounds covers:

  • Affordable treatment and disposal of mercury and mercury compounds
  • Full responsibility taken
  • Guaranteed safe and professional packaging, transport and treatment
  • Full compliance with legislation
  • Environmentally friendly waste management and disposal
  • Great experience in the treatment and disposal of mercury and mercury compounds.

We will ensure safe treatment and disposal of waste mercury and mercury compounds.

How We Treat and Dispose of Mercury and Mercury Compounds

We provide affordable packaging, handover, export, treatment, and disposal services for mercury, mercury compounds and sludge containing mercury, with all necessary permits for packaging, transport and treatment.

After export we stabilize the mercury through conversion into a salt, mercury sulphide, which in turn is permanently disposed of in European salt mines. We apply the highest standards for safe mercury management without any impact on human health or the environment.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

Use Our Services to Dispose of Mercury, Mercury Compounds

To use our services, contact us with your waste testing report. If you do not possess such a report, we will include one in our offer for permanent disposal of hazardous waste.

  1. Waste Testing Report
    Waste testing reports contain information on the characteristics of waste and the potential presence of hazardous substances. The Law on Waste Management requires all waste producers to possess a waste testing report.
    If you need to focus on your main business and do not possess a waste testing report, let us organize everything. We will contact certified laboratories, characterize your waste and propose the optimum solution for waste disposal based on the results.
  2. Contact us
    To use our services, contact us with your waste testing report.
    We will provide you with all required documentation on the movement of your waste.
    We guarantee your waste will be fully disposed of in line with regulations and standards.
    We will provide a rapid response to your inquiry and provide an offer with the most competitive proposal for the disposal of mercury or mercury compounds. 
    The person responsible for the treatment and disposal of mercury and mercury compounds is Nebojša Tomašević.

Mercury and Mercury Compound Pollution

There is a long tradition of mercury use. It can be found in various areas of human activity, despite being a dangerous neurotoxin. Mercury is volatile and carried by air across vast distances. Once it enters the environment, it produces compounds that remain in the food chain for a long time. Measuring devices, amalgams, tooth fillings, energy saving light bulbs, chemicals and production using chlorine-alkali processes, thermometers and gold separation processes are just some examples of the everyday use of mercury.

Human poisoning and environmental pollution is a frequent occurrence. The use and movement of mercury is subject to increasing attention and inspection. Mercury recycling is minimized, and the current trend is aimed at permanent disposal to avoid any harm to people or the environment. The Minamata Convention is one document stemming from environmental accidents caused by mercury. It is aimed at preventing future incidents. More information on the convention is available at .

Certain parts of the world still separate gold from ore using the most dangerous metal in the world - liquid mercury, exposing miners and the environment to hazards. The following video clips provide food for thought on whether environmental pollution can have an economic justification:

The use, treatment and disposal of mercury is dangerous, as is its abuse. It is a powerful toxin that causes severe neural damage and genetic changes to infants:

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