Are you responsible for pharmaceutical waste produced by industry, healthcare institutions, pharmacies or wholesale facilities? The law requires you to have a plan for treating such waste. You are responsible for providing temporary storage of pharmaceutical waste in suitable packaging and dedicated premises until handover to an organization accredited for transporting and treating it.

Follow the law, eliminate the risk of pharmaceutical waste and save on storage space. We provide successful management of hazardous waste and permanent disposal of pharmaceutical and medical waste through incineration in accredited plants.

Inadequate treatment of pharmaceutical and medical waste is a human health hazard. You are legally required to prevent potential pollution due to improper incineration or disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

Let us worry about expired or unusable medicines, waste batches, contaminated packaging, contaminated filters, expired cytostatic agents, cytostatic agent packaging, filters and clothing contaminated by cytostatic agents, expired medical items that cannot be disposed of in municipal landfills and cannot be recycled or treated in the Republic of Serbia, body care products, unusable or expired dietary supplements, chemicals and raw materials that have expired or are unusable due to insufficient quality, expired or poor quality laboratory chemicals, waste HPLC and other waste solvents.

We will help you define hazardous waste flows, reducing costs and storage space through correct packaging and labelling of hazardous waste. We also provide waste packaging services in accordance with ADR rules on hazardous transport, and safe transport and permanent disposal of your hazardous waste complete with all certificates and relevant documentation.

We will ensure your pharmaceutical waste is incinerated in accordance with the highest professional standards and legislation.

Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Waste Incineration

Rely on us for pharmaceutical waste management. We provide permanent disposal services through incineration in accredited plants abroad.

Our service covers:

  • Affordable pharmaceutical waste incineration services
  • 100% responsibility taken
  • Professionalism and reliability in packaging, transport and treatment
  • Treatment in accordance with legislation
  • Professional management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • Experience in pharmaceutical waste incineration.

Let us take responsibility for disposing of your hazardous waste.

How We Treat Pharmaceutical Waste

We provide cost-effective packaging, transport and incineration of pharmaceutical waste, with all necessary permits for transport and treatment.

We apply a comprehensive approach to pharmaceutical waste management services, covering all the prescribed procedures: defining a pharmaceutical waste management plan, segregation, labelling of medical waste, packaging and storage, transport and neutralization through incineration. Our team of experts will ensure the highest standards for these services.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Use Our Services

To use our services you need a waste testing report. If you do not have one, we will obtain it for you. All you need to do is contact us.

  1. Waste Testing Report
    The Law on Waste Management requires all waste producers to have a waste testing report. This report establishes the characteristics of the waste and the potential presence of hazardous substances.
    If you do not have such a report and need to dedicate your time to your main business activity, we can organize everything. We will characterise the waste in cooperation with authorized and certified laboratories and propose the optimum solution for its safe handling in accordance with the results.
  2. Contact Us
    Contact us with your waste testing report to become our client.
    We will document the movement of each individual component of waste in accordance with regulations.
    We will ensure the disposal of every ounce of your waste in accordance with regulations and standards.
    We will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide an offer.
    The person responsible for the recycling of electrical machinery is Daniel Malešević.

Hazards of Incorrect Storage of Pharmaceutical Waste

The use of pharmaceutical compounds releases hazardous substances into waterways and the soil. The presence of antibiotics and cytostatics has been registered in waterways, and even drinking water. Household medicines used to be burned in boilers or thrown into sewers and landfills, leading to large-scale pollution.

Serbia is thought to hold large amounts of such waste requiring neutralization, creating a strong need for pharmaceutical waste management services. The Miteco Company alone disposes of 150t of pharmaceutical waste each year. Pharmaceutical waste management is currently regulated by a number of national and international environmental, healthcare and occupational health and safety regulations.

Waste incineration is an efficient way to neutralize pharmaceutical and medical waste. Controlled incineration is performed in dedicated plants, limiting the emissions of pollutants into air, water and soil to values established by regulations. At this time our country does not have a waste incineration plant and this type of waste is exported.

The Rulebook on medical waste management is available at:

The following video shows the incineration procedure in practice:

The following video demonstrates how medicines get into our water and soil:

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