Do you own any aluminium, copper or copper alloy items that no longer serve their original purpose? This type of waste can be repurposed, providing you income.

As a producer of waste you are legally bound to identify the type of waste and provide any necessary disposal or decontamination.

Waste metals are raw materials. Their recycling saves resources and energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Be an environmentally responsible company and rid your warehouse of unnecessary waste.

We will identify your waste and dispose of it.  Let us worry about waste aluminium, copper or copper alloys.

Cost-Effective Purchase of Aluminium, Copper and Copper Alloys

We may be interested in your waste. Let us be responsible for the disposal of any waste aluminium, copper or copper alloys you own. 

Our service covers:

  • Competitive purchase prices
  • 100% responsibility taken
  • Professionalism and reliability in transport and recycling
  • Treatment in accordance with the law
  • Professional management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • Over five decades of experience in purchase and recycling.

Let us handle your waste metals.

How We Treat Secondary Raw Materials

We provide a competitive price for the purchase and transport of aluminium, copper and copper alloys. Our advantages include a wealth of experience, a well-known team of experts and our own transport, with all necessary permits for transport (including oversized cargo) and treatment.  

We see waste as a resource and observe the highest standards we set for ourselves.

We sort, cut, press and bale secondary raw materials, preparing them in a high quality and safe manner in accordance with market needs.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Use Our Services

To use our services you must have a waste testing report. If you do not have such a report, contact us and we will acquire one for you. 

  1. Waste Testing Report
    The Law on Waste Management requires all waste producers to possess a waste testing report establishing the characteristics of the waste and the potential presence of hazardous substances.
    If you prefer to focus on your main business and do not have a waste testing report, let us organize everything. We will contact certified laboratories, characterize your waste and propose the optimum solution for waste disposal.
  2. Contact Us
    To become our client, contact us and submit a waste testing report.
    We will document the movement of each individual component of waste in accordance with regulations.
    We will ensure the disposal of every ounce of your waste in accordance with regulations and standards.
    We will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide an offer.
    The person responsible for the purchase of waste metals is Daniel Malešević.

Waste as a Product

The near future will bring an increase in resource and energy prices. Today’s economic approach characterized by uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and the flow of materials from product to landfill has proven to be an obsolete concept. 

The linear economy is now confronted by a circular economy, based on the cycling of materials and their energy-efficient reuse.

Waste recycling and treatment are producing new business models based on renewable energy sources. In a circular economy, products that become waste are treated as materials for new products.

There are many advantages to recycling. Some of them are savings in raw natural resources or energy, environmental protection or new jobs.

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