Are you are repurposing industrial halls, making changes to the production process, replacing equipment?

Electrical energy facilities in older industrial plants frequently contain transformers and capacitors with PCB oil. Due to inadequate handling, leakage or spillage during use, these transformers cause surface contamination. The first thing to do is to remove the source and consequences of contamination from your plant.

Why let the contamination of the plant, hall or facility prevent you from meeting contemporary technical and environmental standards or lead to damage to your equipment and installations? We will eliminate contamination and manage the waste that arises during cleaning.

We have the knowledge, experience and necessary equipment for decontamination and cleaning of metal and concrete structures and surfaces contaminated by hazardous substances, primarily PCB oil. We conduct discharging, cleaning and washing of various types of tanks and cisterns used to store oil, as well as packaging, transport and final disposal of cleaning waste.

We will determine the level of contamination, draft a cleaning plan and remove the contamination, reducing your costs and increasing the efficiency of your plant.

Make use of our service to get rid of this problem.

Cost-Effective Cleaning of Halls and Plants

Our comprehensive service is the solution for you. We determine the level of pollution, draft a cleaning plan and remove the contamination from your plant. 

This service provides:

  • Cleaning of halls and plants at a favourable price
  • 100% of responsibility taken
  • Professional and reliable treatment and transport
  • Treatment in accordance with the law
  • Professional management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • Great experience in cleaning halls and plants.

We will rid you of contamination in your plant, hall or facility.

How We Clean Halls and Plants

We provide cleaning of halls and plants at a favourable price, encompassing all necessary permits for the treatment of waste produced in the cleaning process, as well as transport including oversized cargo.

First, we determine the level of pollution of the contaminated locations, then we define measures for eliminating it. We propose environmentally sustainable, cost-effective solutions in accordance with the law. Throughout the implementation of the measures we maintain high standards in increasing staff safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

We conduct cleaning of metal surfaces through multiple washings using appropriate de-greasers and solvents, with the use of adsorption substances. Cleaning of concrete surfaces is most frequently conducted using sandblasting or by removing layers of contaminated mortar, concrete, etc. depending on the depth of penetration of pollution.

All waste produced during the cleaning process is packed, removed and disposed of in accordance with the highest technical standards.

Depending on the further use of the facility, we treat the processed surfaces using protective coatings based on epoxy resins. This closes surface capillary openings in the substrate and serves as a basis for laying subsequent protective layers in the epoxy system, creating a barrier for PCBs from deeper layers towards the outer surface area. The protective coating provides resistance to fuel oil and oil derivatives, oils, diluted acids and alkaline substances and moisture with resistance to abrasive substances.

In addition to eliminating contamination, these procedures extend the service life of steel and concrete structures.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Become a Customer for Our Services

Contact us and let us organize it for you. 

We will determine the level of pollution, draft a cleaning plan and remove the contamination. We will provide you with a cost-effective proposal that meets environmental standards and legal regulations. 

We will document the movement of each individual component of your waste, in accordance with regulations.

We will promptly respond to your inquiry and offer.

The person responsible for cleaning halls and plants is Nevena Čolić Mohora.

Economic Justification for Cleaning Contaminated Facilities

The cleaning of halls and plants is a procedure that prevents expensive and impermissible non-planned halts to industrial production. 

Derelict industrial and military complexes and city warehouses are often a source of groundwater pollution, and damage the beauty of the urban landscape. Professional cleaning provides for repurposing such facilities and opening new economic potential, particularly in attractive locations. Cleaning is based on careful analysis and plan drafted in accordance with standards for the protection of human health and the environment.

The procedure for cleaning contaminated halls and plants was the basis for the Fiat automobili Srbija project, set up on the foundations of the Zastava Company in Kragujevac.

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