Are you planning a project that could have a significant environmental impact? Are you changing technologies, restructuring, expanding capacities, decommissioning or repurposing plants? The law requires you to produce an environmental impact assessment study.

We can help you conduct an environmental impact assessment. Contact us if the authorities request one for your project.

Drafting an environmental impact assessment will help define potential consequences, identify protective measures, and prevent any negative environmental impact during regular exploitation or in case of accident.

We produce environmental impact assessment studies and manage approval procedures before the competent authorities.

Rely on our expertise, legislative knowledge, and rich experience in drafting environmental impact studies and communication with competent bodies.

Affordable Environmental Impact Assessments

What you may consider just another legal obligation is for us a task to be completed quickly, successfully, and cost-effectively. 

We draft environmental impact assessment studies and manage the approval procedure before competent bodies with:

  • Certainty that we will perform the task in full
  • Professional approach providing the optimal solution
  • Full compliance with legislation
  • Great experience in drafting environmental impact assessments.

We will clear any obstacles so you can focus on your core business.

How We Draft Environmental Impact Assessments 

We provide the best possible quality of service with the lowest possible price for drafting an assessment. All you need to do is contact us. We will use your project documentation to produce an environmental impact assessment study that will include impact identification, environmental impact monitoring plan, environmental protection measures, accident recovery measures, etc.
In addition to this, we also manage the process to the point of receiving approval. We maintain good communication with the competent authority and our team of experts is ready to provide a range of related consulting services.
Our success and expertise make us stand out regarding our experience in drafting environmental impact assessments for clients from highly demanding industries and for our own facilities.

How to Obtain an Environmental Impact Assessment

Contact us and we will provide an offer.  

We will respond quickly with a cost-effective offer and ensure full compliance with legislation in all procedures.

We will use the project documentation for your planned facilities and other data we collect to draft an environmental impact assessment study for your project.

We will also manage the procedure before the competent authorities until you receive the relevant permit.

The person responsible for environmental impact assessments is Nevena Čolić Mohora.

Need to Obtain an Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental protection involves preventive action, and environmental impact assessments are one such measure involving analytical work, studies and analysis of alternative solutions while collecting data. Predicting the potential negative impact of a project on human lives and health, irreplaceable natural resources and the environment in general is a necessary part of environmentally responsible activities. Environmental impact assessment studies predict harmful effects, but also propose measures to prevent or mitigate them. Their content is open to the public. 

The drafting procedure for environmental impact assessment studies is based on the Rulebook on the contents of the environmental impact assessment study.

A list of projects requiring mandatory environmental impact assessment studies can be found at:štitu%20životne%20sredine%20i%20održivi%20razvoj/Lista%20projekata%20za%20procenu%20uticaja%20na%20životnu%20sredinu.pdf

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