Any used industrial oils you own are a legal liability and may endanger the environment or human health. The collection and storage of industrial oils without further value is highly demanding. Why burden yourself and risk leakage, accidents and long-term pollution?

Spent industrial oils (hydraulic oil, engine oil, turbine oils or other greases, shipboard oils, insulation or thermal transfer oils, other mineral or synthetic oils, as well as oil residue from tanks, oil-water mixtures and films) are responsible for one fifth of water and soil contamination and the emission of heavy metals and carcinogenic gas into the air.

You are responsible for preventing unprofessional and uncontrolled incineration, the release of waste oil into the soil, surface and ground waters and sewage. Hand the oil over to professionals who collect and treat used industrial oils.

Let us apply our expertise and experience in the purchase and recycling of this type of hazardous waste.

Cost-Effective Purchase of Used Industrial Oil

We have experience and expertise in the purchase and recycling of used industrial oils. We may be interested in your hazardous waste.

Our service covers:

  • Competitive purchase prices
  • 100% responsibility taken
  • Professionalism and reliability in transport and recycling
  • Treatment in accordance with the law
  • Professional management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • Over five decades of experience recycling industrial oils.

Let us take responsibility for the disposal of your waste oil.

How We Treat Waste Oils

We provide low-cost purchase and recycling of waste oils, with all the necessary permits for transport and treatment. 

Waste oils require collection in special hermetically sealed tanks separate from other waste. We keep records on the amount of collected, stored or treated oil after purchase, and manage final disposal of residue after treatment. To protect the environment, we process used oil as a secondary raw material, involving regeneration and secondary refining, or the evaluation of the energy content of oil.

Our well-equipped team of professionals is always ready to react. We know how to prevent the risk of improper treatment of waste oils. Should any accidents occur, we will react confidently, correctly and in time.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

Hazards of Spillage and Inadequate Incineration

Waste oils may contain heavy metals and carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic substances. Incineration will increase their concentration. These substances cause serious diseases in people and long-term defects in infants. Burning and inadequate incineration of used industrial oils emits dangerous amounts of poison gas and heavy metals into the air, absorbed into the body through the skin and lungs.

Due to frequent spillage into waterways, as many as one fifth of polluted waters worldwide are contaminated by waste oils. Amounts of 1-2 mg per litre make it unsuitable for drinking. Leakage and spillage of used industrial oil is also a frequent source of soil pollution.

Unfortunately, there are many accidents that demonstrate this fact:

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