For MITECO Kneževac, socially responsible operation represents an integral part of the corporate philosophy and long term business strategy.

Three directions in which we operate are:

  • Care about employees
  • Support for the community
  • Education

Care about employees

Care about employees is the foundation of our success. Progress of our company depends on personal development and advance training of employees, their motivation and satisfaction. This dedication enables us to attract and retain the best and most qualified personnel, providing them with a working environment they can be proud of and where they can enjoy in the work they perform.

Training for employees

We want to stimulate development of our employees through training and advance education, so that all employees would advance together with the Company.

MITECO team building

Employees have the opportunity to improve specific aspects of team work that simultaneously develop a sense of belonging to the Company.





Support for the community

In its attempt to exert positive influence on social community, MITECO Kneževac initiates and supports projects that are significant for the community in which it operates.

MITECO Kneževac took over 5 tons of hazardous waste from the flooded area

MITECO Kneževac has made its capacities available to the government of the Republic of Serbia during the state of emergency in Serbia caused by floods. Five tons of hazardous waste was taken over, and will be disposed by MITECO Kneževac at its own expense - capacitor batteries filled with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and contaminated packaging from factories in restructuring "ZORKA OBOJENA METALURGIJA AD" and "Zorka ENERGETIKA" d.o.o, both from Šabac.

Cleaning of the Tara River

Together with its employees, MITECO Kneževac organized the cleaning of the Tara River and its surroundings for a stretch of 1 kilometer. On this occasion, 300 kg of waste was collected, thus contributing to a cleaner environment of this beautiful river in Montenegro.


Humanitarian tennis tournament

MITECO Kneževac organized a humanitarian tennis tournament MITECO CUP and all income raised in this occasion was donated to the Home for the Blind and People with Impaired Vision "Zbrinjavanje", in Pančevo.



MITECO Kneževac is a company that is trying to, through realization of various projects, inform and educate the community, individuals and companies about the significance of preservation of the environment, with a desire to contribute to a more beautiful and cleaner future for all of us.

Solving a case study at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Company MITECO Kneževac has launched an initiative at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade for realization of student competition in solving a study case on the topic "Managing hazardous historical waste in the Republic of Serbia". The idea behind this competition was to stimulate interest among students in topics related to environmental protection, and also to inform them about the advantages and possibilities of working in waste industry.


Open call for artists, "RESPONSIBLE TO THE NATURE"

MITECO Kneževac, in cooperation with non-governmental organization "RESPONSIBLE TO THE NATURE", organized an open call for artists, in order to raise environmental awareness among young people.




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