Is your equipment contaminated with PCB oil? This type of contamination can lead to negative effects on human health, legal consequences and financial expenses. Avoid these risks and increase legal compliance: test the contamination of your machines, decontaminate them or dispose of them.

Why put off testing the contamination of your equipment and risk increasing problems with pollution? We perform integrated removal of PCB from the environment, replacement of declared PCB equipment and final disposal of all collected waste. We recycle equipment contaminated with PCB oil in authorized plants, with appropriate treatment to avoid human or environmental consequences. We provide PCB equipment decontamination with the following key assumptions:

  1. The depreciation period for devices is 40 years (30 years for transformers in EU member states).
  2. The limit of economic feasibility and effectiveness of available decontamination techniques for devices confirmed to be contaminated by PCB is 1500 ppm.

We provide on-site decontamination if transport to our plant is not possible or feasible. The equipment and regenerated PCB-free oil are reused after decontamination.

We will test contamination, decontaminate or recycle your equipment, and provide final disposal of hazardous waste, acquiring all necessary permits for transport and treatment.

Efficient Decontamination of PCB Equipment

Prevent unnecessary expense and act in a legally and environmentally responsible manner. Our PCB waste treatment procedure is more cost-effective than the techniques available to date. 

Our service covers:

  • Cost-effective PCB equipment decontamination at a favourable price
  • 100% responsibility taken
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Legislative compliance
  • Management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • More than a decade of experience in managing PCB.

Our technology follows BAT (best available practice) and BEP (best environmental practice) recommendations.

We manage PCB efficiently.

How We Treat PCB Equipment

We provide cost-effective decontamination of PCB equipment at favourable prices with all necessary approvals, transport permits (including oversized cargo) and treatment.  

In addition to turnkey solutions, we also provide engineering and consulting services. Applying internationally recognized PCB decontamination and equipment recycling techniques coupled with cost-benefit analysis, we produce environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

We provide our clients with disassembly, sorting and cleaning of materials, and treatment of recyclable components. Secondary raw materials are returned to the production process, while PCB-free mineral oil is reused as fuel. We incinerate factory-filled PCB transformers, factory-filled PCB capacitors, transformers contaminated with PCB during oil replacement, charging or repair, as well as solid PCB waste (contaminated packaging, protective equipment, parts of electrical equipment, etc.)
Our activities are fully compliant with legislation, applying all occupational health and safety, environmental protection and fire protection measures. Our equipment and machinery is fully certified, while our staff is trained in handling hazardous substances and vehicles transporting such substances.

Our instructions and procedures can simply be integrated into your quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Use Our Services

Contact us and let us organize everything.

We will examine the contamination of your equipment, draft a decontamination plan, and execute it. We will provide you with a cost-effective proposal that meets environmental standards and legal regulations. 

We will provide you with documentation for the movement of each waste component, in accordance with regulations.

We will provide a rapid response to your inquiry.

The person responsible for cleaning halls and plants is Nevena Čolić Mohora.

The Hazards of PCB Decontamination of Equipment

Hazardous PCB compounds remain a threat to human health and the environment for generations. The severe and long-term consequences caused by these compounds can be prevented through decontamination procedures.

The Rulebook on the treatment of devices and waste containing PCB prescribes the use of procedures for managing PCB in a manner safe and harmless for humans and the environment, along with drafting the documentation, provision of appropriate packaging and means of transport.

PCB waste management requires experience and the right professional capacities to enable the removal of PCB from the environment.

The following video explains the high risk PCB poses for the environment and human health:

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