Are you the owner or future investor of a contaminated site or industrial plant? You may incur significant additional expenses. You are also legally liable for any potential hazards to the environment and human health posed by your site.

Prevent any unnecessary recovery expenses and act in a legally and environmentally responsible manner. We will analyse your site, draft a plan and provide final disposal of hazardous waste.

Contaminated locations can have lasting socio-economic and environmental consequences. The law requires you to dispose of any concrete contaminated by PCB or other hazardous substances (waste paint, chemicals, oils, solid or liquid waste, etc.).

Let us solve these problems for you.

You can rely on us to professionally handle any existing waste, regardless of when or how it was produced.

Cost-Effective Recovery of Contaminated Locations

We will conduct an analysis, produce a plan and provide final disposal of all types of waste. We are ready to respond to your needs.

Our service covers:

  • Affordable price of evaluation of the scope of recovery and measures 
  • Drafting a concept design for the recovery
  • 100% responsibility taken
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Treatment in accordance with the law
  • Professional management of waste streams to disposal, with preservation of the environment
  • Experience in recovering contaminated locations.

We will produce a plan, conduct measurements, establish the level of contamination and offer a solution for your site.

How We Recover Contaminated Locations

We provide cost-effective recovery of contaminated locations with all necessary approvals, transport permits (including oversized cargo) and treatment.  

In addition to turnkey solutions to your problems, we also provide engineering and consulting services. Whether dealing with recovery from existing pollution, accumulated waste, the cleaning and revitalization of industrial plants or recovery after environmental accidents, we have a solution for you.

Our long-standing experience lets us perform high quality recovery of contaminated locations. Our highly qualified staff will start by drafting a recovery plan. After the on-site evaluation of soil and ground water pollution and identification of recovery measures, we will start the safe removal of industrial waste. We apply internationally recognized existing contamination recovery techniques with a cost-benefit analysis, producing environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

We will return the site to its original condition by removing contaminated construction materials and soil. We will install insulation barriers and pack, transport, and finally dispose of hazardous waste in specialized authorized treatment plants.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Use Our Services

Contact us and let us organize everything.

We will conduct measurements and analysis in cooperation with authorized and certified laboratories and propose the optimum solution for your location in accordance with the results.

We will ensure each step is taken in accordance with regulations and standards.

We will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide an offer.

The person responsible for recovering contaminated locations is Nevena Čolić Mohora.

Contaminated Soil as a Hazard

Contaminated industrial plants and locations are a threat to the environment and human health. Soil can lose the capacity to perform some of its basic functions. This problem requires technically and economically demanding recovery procedures. The Environmental Protection Agency holds data on potentially polluted sites. The Republic of Serbia has set goals under the National Environmental Protection Programme related to the contamination and recovery of sites. 

The issue of contamination on a given site can become rapidly worse if the contamination spills over into the environment.  Unfortunately, one of the indicators for this are often health problems among the population, and mass deaths of plant or animal species, such as the following example:

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