Are you repurposing industrial halls, making changes to the production process, replacing equipment? Do you need to clean contaminated surfaces?  We provide a rapid solution for your problem.

We will remove contamination from metal and concrete surfaces using sandblasting and detergents, and apply a protective coating, while handling the waste produced in the process.

We will determine the level of surface pollution in your plant and draft a cleaning plan.

We will provide surface protection after cleaning using industrial coatings to extend the service life of the treated structures.

Extend the service life of steel and concrete structures through correct maintenance. Contact our team and they will clean up the contaminated surfaces.

Favourable Conditions for Surface Decontamination

We will determine the level of contamination, draft a cleaning plan and remove the contamination under favourable conditions. Our team of experts is ready to provide an efficient response to your needs.

Our service provides:

  • Favourable prices for determining the level of contamination and cleaning
  • Drafting a cleaning plan
  • Full responsibility taken
  • Rapid and reliable reaction of our expert team
  • Comprehensive approach and consistent compliance with the law
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of waste
  • Great experience in cleaning contaminated surfaces.

We will provide environmentally responsible cleaning of contaminated concrete or metal structures in your plant.

How We Remove Surface Contamination

We provide cost-effective cleaning of surfaces contaminated by hazardous substances with all the necessary approvals for waste disposal.

The tailor-made solutions we offer are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. Beside legal compliance we strive to increase occupational safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

First, we determine the level of pollution of the contaminated locations, then we define measures for eliminating it. We decontaminate and clean metal and concrete structures using sandblasting, detergents and solvents. Any contaminated soil is excavated. We apply various types of membranes or coatings in case additional protection is required.

After carrying out the planned measures, we package, transport and dispose of the waste produced in the cleaning process.

Our procedures and instructions can simply be integrated into your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

Become Our Client, Remove Surface Contamination

All you need to do to remove surface contamination is contact us and let us organize everything.

We will determine the pollution level in cooperation with authorized and certified laboratories and propose the optimal solution for your site.

We will implement each step in accordance with regulations and standards.

We will provide a rapid response and offer to your inquiry.

The person responsible for cleaning contaminated surfaces is Nevena Čolić Mohora.

Cleaning Extends the Service Life of Your Plant and Equipment

Surface cleaning is the process of physical or physical-chemical elimination of impurities using various types of solvent. Cleaning contaminated equipment or plants with contaminated surfaces recovers their utility.

Sandblasting is a pressure-cleaning method providing rapid, precise and detailed cleaning of contamination from hard-to-reach areas, as shown in this example:

The cleaning itself is a preparatory procedure with strong impact on the overall surface treatment and the overall project.

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