MITECO Kneževac

is one of the first and the leading company in Serbia and the region that is involved in disposal of industrial and hazardous waste.

A 50 years long tradition, our professional teams and experience gained in waste management, enables us to find sustainable solutions for the problems of our clients.

Our main activities, recycling of electrical devices, remediation of polluted locations and disposal of hazardous waste, together with services of engineering and consulting, enable us to provide integral solutions for environmental protection.

MITECO Kneževac

Phone numbers

+381 11 3564 200
Tel: +381 11 3564 200
+381 11 3564 199
Tel/Fax: +381 11 3564 199


Ulica Oslobođenja 39
Street Oslobođenja 39
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
11000 Belgrade, Serbia