Bachelor of Technology - Remediation and Development Project Manager

Nevena Čolić MohoraShe graduated from the University in Belgrade, the Faculty of Technology-Metallurgy, Department of Environmental Protection. She is a licensed designer of technological processes. She has been in company MITECO Kneževac since 2005, and has been the General Manager of the Company from 2010. to 2020.

Nevena has over 15 years of work experience in the area of environmental protection, gained through realization of numerous technical-expert local and international projects. Many year of experience in projects of evaluating influence on the environment, preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of waste management strategies and plans.

Nevena's excellent knowledge of the context of social and economic environment in which she operates, with exceptional ability to recruit relevant local and international experts on solving problems in the area of environmental protection and hazardous waste management, position her at the very top among the leaders in this line of business.

She is fluent in English.

MITECO Kneževac

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