Bachelor of Technology – Sales and Marketing Manager

Nebojša TomaševićHe graduated from the University in Belgrade, Faculty of Technology-Metallurgy. He has been working as the Manager of the Hazardous Waste Management Division in MITECO Kneževac since 2012.
Nebojša has been successfully leading the organization and coordination of projects in the area of disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In cooperation with engineers from partner European and local plants, Nebojša has been finding the most efficient and most profitable solutions in terms of techniques to be applied when packing hazardous waste in accordance with ADR regulations, and then its final disposal.

Nebojša has been trained and certified for procedures of sampling of hazardous waste in accordance with LAGA PN 98 by German company UCL Umwelt Control Labor GmbH.

He is fluent in English and German.

MITECO Kneževac

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