At the MITECO Forum, which is held every three years, numerous issues arise in the field of environment and waste management. Promoting the great interest of the public, an information and educational platform has been created, which has become a reference point for further expansion in the field of sustainable development.

With the strategic approach in the field of industrial and hazardous waste management, MITECO Kneževac continuously confirms its leadership position. By setting new standards and focusing on topics such as the environment and sustainable development, MITECO Forum is becoming a place where representatives of the government, business, media, responsible groups and individuals can find answers to their questions.

Year after year, we are witnessing an increasing number of participants and visitors in the MITECO Forum, who recognize the importance and need for further education and fresh information about environment field. By setting new standards, the MITECO Forum becomes a place where representatives of the government and businesses, as well as the media, can find answers to their questions by focusing on the topics related to the environment and sustainable development.