You have uncleared foreign goods, or domestic goods for export? Your company imports or exports goods, or you are a general importer and distributor of goods? The solution for you is customs storage.

We own and manage a successful public customs warehouse.

Among our range of services is a type A customs warehouse for the storage of all types of domestic and foreign goods for export, and for foreign companies seeking general importers and distributors for Serbia. 

We provide logistical support in liquidating goods and products that become waste after expiry. We conduct waste transport and management in compliance with the legal regulations, and hold permits for the storage, collection and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Part of our complete service for waste storage under customs supervision is the “door-to-door” transport of goods, with the preparation of customs documents and export of waste for incineration. Make use of the special benefits we provide, entrust us with the transport of your goods from the warehouse to the destination of your choice.

Save transport costs and the VAT you will not be paying for the duration of the customs storage. You can be sure that your goods are correctly and safely stored in our customs warehouse.

Cost-Effective Storage in the Customs Warehouse

The type A public customs warehouse we manage will make it easier for you to do business. Make use of the benefits we provide under cost-effective conditions.

As a client of our customs warehouse you may expect:

  • Favourable storage prices
  • 100% full-service performance
  • Professional and reliable storage and transport
  • Compliance with all legislation
  • Environmentally friendly customs warehouse management
  • Experience in the storage, transport and collection of customs goods.

Save money as a client of our customs warehouse service.

How We Manage the Customs Warehouse

Our customs warehouse clients may expect waste storage under customs supervision, the preparation of customs documents, the export of waste for incineration, transport, logistical support in managing expired goods with all the required permits and legislative compliance, all under cost-effective conditions. 

Our company owns freight transport vehicles of various capacities and a national licence for the public transport of goods. We provide clients with the special benefit of “door-to-door” transport, i.e. transport along the route from our customs warehouse to the destination of your choice.

Our customs warehouse is located in the vicinity of the motorway and has secure access for trucks, with vehicle scales for measuring goods and trucks. We provide all other equipment and machinery required for handling goods. Access to the goods stored in our warehouse can be effected rapidly.

The customs warehouse is under video surveillance and physical security 24h per day, which brings you additional benefits with cost optimization.

Our procedures and instructions can easily be harmonized with your own quality management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety systems.

How to Become a Client of Our Customs Warehouse

Contact us, and we will organize the procedure of receiving your goods, products or waste in our customs warehouse. 

You should prepare all the documentation that preceded the movement of goods up to our customs warehouse. 

Whether you are a company engaged in import and export of goods, a general importer and distributor, or a foreign company seeking general importers and distributors for Serbia, you will enjoy reliable storage of customs goods. 

We will document the unchanged status and amount of goods stored with us in accordance with the Customs Law and relevant by-laws. For waste, we will provide you with full documentation for the waste leaving the country and a certificate of its final disposal. 

Contact us with the necessary documents. You can expect a prompt response to your inquiry and a service offer for storing goods in our type A customs warehouse. 

The person responsible for managing the customs warehouse is Jelena Terzić.

Advantages of Storing Goods in the Customs Warehouse

The storage of goods in a customs warehouse provides savings for the owners and manufacturers of foreign goods intended for import, since the goods do not undergo immediate clearance. Import duties are only paid when a buyer is found for the goods. 

No VAT is calculated or paid on the entry of goods, nor throughout the duration of customs storage.

Besides cost optimization, customs storage also provides very rapid access to foreign goods.

The Customs Law contains precise data relevant to you as an importer or exporter of goods: latinicaa/Carinskizakon-lat.pdf

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