Bs.C. in technological engineering – Recycling Center Manager

bojan rankovic 220x300He graduated on the Faculty of technology and metallurgy of the Belgrade University, department of design and technology of material. In May 2016, he became part of the vocational i.e. expert team of MITECO Company, and since January 2017, he is assigned with the position of Recycling Center Manager.

Bojan successfully performs jobs related to organization, coordination, monitoring and control of taking over realization, transport and cross-border movement of waste. He manages warehouse operations of the company and waste storage in accordance with actual regulations. He organizes loading and unloading of goods and controls the same as per quality and quantity. He participates in preparations and realization of operating programs and development of the company, including monitoring of realization and program results, providing support to employees in program implementation.

Bojan acquired perennial experience on the Institute for chemistry, technology and metallurgy in Belgrade as coordinating apprentice researcher in the field of science, protection of environment and technological development. On the Faculty of technology and metallurgy of the Belgrade University, he was involved on the projects in the field of recycling and waste management, where he completes doctoral dissertation in the field of treatment of waste technical and industrial water in metallurgy. He is co-author of published works in international and inland newspapers, magazines and conferences.

He fluently speaks English language.

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